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Welcome to Alanís World

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Denied Existence

Innocence Lost

           Welcome to                 Alanís World

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Welcome to Alanís world, sometimes fun, sometimes scary.

I have been writing music, lyrics and Poetry for a lot longer than I wish it was. During all these years Iíve learned one thing.

If you want something done, or need something done, do it yourself. You will never be disappointed or let down.

A bit sarcastic, granted, but join me through the thoughts of my mind and youíll see why.


Updated 5-16-2011

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Music, Writing, and Misc


Death is only the end of the Vacation at ďThe Garden EarthĒ

Welcome to Alanís World | Innocence Lost | Music | Denied Existence | Originals | Us Against the World | Love don't Come Easy | Hunger | Depths of Hell | Careless Caress

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